It’s a shame we’re fat.

I recently came across a tweet that had a picture that we often use here at Soldierfit for a visual of the fat that really matters – visceral. In the accompanying text, the doctor touches on the the absurdity of fat shaming while at the same time pointing out that as a physcian he cannot… Read More

Everyone hates the peanut gallery. Yet, here we remain, a world full of “nuts.” 

  All it takes is a quick scroll on social media to find the peanut gallery is always standing room only. People are quick to opine on everything you do. How you should dress. What you should eat. Who you should vote for. They got “plays” for days. The problem is most of ’em have… Read More

Someday isn’t on the calender for a reason.

  Q1 and you. Where are you right now? No, I don’t mean physically. I mean where are you in regards to accomplishing your goals for this year?  You know the ones you made in that dead space where nothing productive really happens between Christmas and New Years.  Somewhere along there, either on a couch… Read More