Pandmic, Epidemic

Let’s talk about some facts, please.

I am willing to concede that COVID is a serious issue.
I am willing to do so because, based on the facts, it is.

So, if I am willing to go off facts, can the rest of you start?

In America, almost all of the top comorbidities for COVID are byproducts of obesity, but no one wants to talk about that.

In New York for example, “The median age of the patients was 63 years and 39% were female, investigators reported. The most common observed comorbidities were hypertension (56%), obesity (41%), and diabetes (33%).”

When I see folks sharing pictures of “healthy people” getting COVID, who was clearly obese, we are not living in the real world.

This has shit to do with who’s “beautiful” or a person’s worth. Your health and your worth are not tied together. You can be an amazing person and be unhealthy. It happens all the time.

You can also be an amazing athlete and be obese, one could argue that there are even sports in which it is required, but that DOES NOT make it healthy.

The health risk associated with obesity is long and extensively researched. It is not healthy to be obese, end of the story, period.

It also isn’t coincidental that many of the top 10 killers in America also stem from obesity.

I have zero issues fighting a pandemic in the world, but I think it’s far beyond the time that we should stop bullshitting in an effort to make everyone feel good and confront the elephant in the room–obesity.

It’s been an epidemic long before COVID, and given our refusal to admit it, it’s gonna be one long after COVID is gone.


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2 thoughts on “Pandmic, Epidemic”

  1. Good comments. The things I wonder about is what about our society in particular makes us so prone to obesity. It’s complicated…habits, public policy, advertisers run amok, competitiveness even where it is counter-productive. Sure, it’s individuals making bad choices…but why is is so much worse in America? Maybe these are the same reasons why it’s more prevalent among POC? You might enjoy “Fit in Bits” which describes many ways to work more exercise and fun into daily activities. I wrote it because many of my friends in research and academia slowly became more and more obese with increasing job responsibilities, family obligations, and a long commute. Often, after putting kids to bed, the only thing they feel as though they can do is watch TV.

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