We are called a melting pot for a reason.

Let me begin by saying that I do not believe that overt racism is the norm in America. I do think that the majority of our fellow citizens embrace, and even love the fact that our country is a hodgepodge of customs and cultures. With that said, I’d be dishonest to say the least, if I tried to pretend that racism doesn’t exist, and in some ways, I believe it exists in it’s worst form–unrealized.

While watching the Superbowl last night, I knew that social media was about to light on fire with after the half-time show. If nothing else, it goes to prove that nothing you do can make everyone happy. Half of my feed was saying, “It’s the greatest show ever!” Meanwhile, the other half hated it because two sexy ass middle age ladies were shaking what their momma gave them, all while still being a momma.

While that was par for the course, and to be expected, I sadly knew to expect something else as well. The beating of the “just speak English” war drum. I am often amazed that this is taken to the level that it invariably is. I mean, ask any Brit, they are still waiting for us to speak English. With that said, though, google is free as shit, and all it takes is a quick scan to learn that America has no official language. The best you can do is get one at the state level.

Furthermore, I’d argue that our dialect is so vast and far-reaching that it could be argued that none of us are speaking English. You ever been part of a conversation between a guy from the deep South and a dude from Boston? Shit sounds like dueling banjos trying to get the Cah Keys out of their Kaki’s pocket.

Let me leave you with this. If you were upset about a mom wearing the Purto Rican flag on one side (it’s a territory you know) and American flag on the other while singing “Born in the USA” with her daughter, then it wasn’t the taking a knee that you were mad about last year.

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