Don’t be a hypocrite.

We are just a few short days away from the annual pilgrimage of New Year’s resolutioners heading to your local gym. Sadly, more often than not, they are greeted with quite a bit of hypocrisy from the self-proclaimed “gym lords” who are now upset they have to share the equipment. These are the same folks who spent the last year making fun of people who don’t work out who now feel compelled to make fun of them for coming in and working out.

They can’t wait to sit back and make someone who was already scared to come in the first place to be the butt of their jokes in a private chat group (at best) or on World Star HipHop (at worst). As if they weren’t beginners once themselves.

How quickly we forget from whence we came. Here’s the reality regarding why most people don’t start a gym program–it’s not because they are lazy–it’s because they are scared.

We have a horrible problem in our society of assuming that overweight people are lazy. We judge them harshly, ignoring the fact that many who are overweight hold important and stressful positions. These people who are deemed lazy are frequently extremely hard working and more “successful” in life than the “bro” talking shit about them at the gym. Far too often, the gyms in America are a throwback to high school era shenanigans where the “jocks” make fun of the people in honors classes.

And so, in a country facing an obesity epidemic of epic proportions, people avoid the gym because they don’t want to wind up the next viral youtube video or meme simply because they tried to put their health as a priority.

So to my friends committed to fitness, I have a challenge for you this year. Don’t become part of the shit talkers standing around armed with a protein shaker bottle and a judgemental eye. Don’t be the cheerleader who can’t wait for everyone to fail in their goals and clear space on “your” favorite machine. Instead, offer to take that fledgling fitness fanatic under your wing. Help guide them in their journey. Become a battle buddy for someone who’s trying to turn it around.

It’s one of the easiest ways to save a life.

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Soldierfit CEO

A rambling ol'infantryman doing his best to help revive the American dream. Founder and CEO of Soldierfit. Founder and President of Platoon 22. Daddy, brother, husband.

4 thoughts on “Don’t be a hypocrite.”

  1. You posted something similar a few years ago on Facebook I believe. And just like then then it stands true. Great message look forward to reading more posts.

  2. I found this insightful! I was one of those honors kids growing up. However, I have not found the culture of your Soldierfit gym to be intimidating. In fact, quite the opposite. Good job creating a positive atmosphere in the Soldierfit gyms! I will keep coming back.

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