Sometimes I am afraid.

A lot of people believe those who have seen war are never afraid.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fear is a funny thing. It manifests itself in many different forms.

I have seen the bravest man in combat become a stuttering fool when in the presence of a beautiful woman.
I have watched the most courageous of cage fighters shuffle their feet and look at the ground when it came to speaking their mind.

Every single man, woman, and child experiences fear.
Fear isn’t a shameful thing.
Cowardice is.

Just like all of you, sometimes I am afraid too.

Sometimes I look in the mirror, and only self-doubt looks back.
The fear of failure always lurks in the back of my mind.
Sometimes I look at those who depend on me to be right and worry about what happens if I am wrong.
In those moments of weakness, when I’m afraid to take the next step, I remind myself that I am not alone, and I put my next foot down.

It may be on shaky legs.
I may need to share the load with others.
It may even be in the wrong direction.

A lot of things may vary, but one thing always remains the same. I step.

That step leads to another, and another, and another.
Before you know it, the walk has become a jog, which then turns into a run.

Regardless of where you’re headed, it all begins with that first step. The problem lies in that the first step often starts with fear and doubt.
And most people can’t handle fear because they are busy seeking comfort.

Don’t be like most people. Don’t let fear freeze you in place.

Stop worrying about what you can’t do tomorrow; instead, focus on what you can do today. What you can do right now.

Take that step.


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Soldierfit CEO

A rambling ol'infantryman doing his best to help revive the American dream. Founder and CEO of Soldierfit. Founder and President of Platoon 22. Daddy, brother, husband.

One thought on “Sometimes I am afraid.”

  1. Well said. I am not so sure people are busy seeking comfort, though, as much as they are busy avoiding discomfort. You have clearly looked deeper into how fear and self doubt can be paralytic. However, I think most people never dig that deep because there are so many instances we have no control over that force us into discomfort or even just the unfamiliar, that when the opportunity comes to voluntarily take those steps, choosing to pass is re-framed as a reprieve and they never see it as the gift that it is. The true heartbreak, in my opinion, is that that reprieve will eventually turn into regret. “I wish I had done…”
    Most people are not “headed” anywhere, you know. Aimless.

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